Sophie Simone Designs

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Sophie Simone is already a well-known name in the jewelry design world of Mexico City. She is present at all events that include the best artists, designers and creatives of the country. All of her collections take us to a magical place, full of aromas that remind us of past worlds, creatures and powerful plants represented in precious stones and metals that highlight the authentic beauty of each person who carriers it. They are definitely jewels that make you feel like a goddess since they are timeless, feminine, versatile and unique pieces.

Sophie Simone started to create jewelry at a very young age, making necklaces with vintage pieces given to her by her grandmother, which made her the designer she is today. In addition to being an individual talent, Sophie enjoys working with Mexican artists and artisans to create truly original pieces.

Sophie Simone’s passions have led her to a most fruitful, creative life and her love for travel, art, yoga, philosophy, nature and life itself are the creative nucleus from which thoughts begin to flow and form the collections. All of them are made with love and peace.


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