Trista, Prêt-à-Porter For Christmas

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Trista is a luxury “prêt-à-porter”  brand for men and women established in Mexico City. Each piece is hand made with the finest materials and with innovative structures. Any piece make a perfect gift for this Christmas! The different layers achieve a refined look with a mixture of mystery.

Trista is defined as the connection between passion for the historic aspect and the conscience of the contemporary times. Trust is the balance between the human intervention and the natural state of the elements. Each piece  is inspired by the beauty of the materials in their primitive state. The different patterns that achieve the tissues and layers are images that lead us to understand the human anatomy and the original structures of nature. The creators, Giovanni and Jose Alfredo, for eight uninterrupted years have worked to create something very special for the public and especially to give Mexican fashion a place that is deserved.

Both are graduates of IES Fashion House of FranceGiovanni has studies in Architecture and Jose Alfredo has  a formation as an Industrial Engineer. Together they create the emblematic pieces of Trista. Trista has been presented in places like Colombia, Brazil, Spain and Japan.

The signature of Trista is futuristic, minimal, simple and inspired in the genesis of life itself. The pieces are works of art to live life within them. The excellence of the materials reflect the elegance, simplicity and above all affirm the “less is more” theme. The work of the creators is based on the idea that design is a line of thoughts made in material form, their pieces need not to  be explained since the work they produce speaks for itself.

The two branches of the mark communicate between themselves. The first: Trista with the magic of life and of the materials and the second, Simple by Trista, with the obvious simplicity of existing.




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