8 Reasons for Carrying Out Your Wedding at Coral Tulum

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

We know that choosing the place for your wedding is one of the most important and difficult decisions in this process, that is why we give you 10 good reasons for you to choose the hotel, Coral Tulum as the perfect destination for the most special day of your life.

1. It is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Tulum. Its variety of blue hues in combination with the almost-white sand makes this place a total paradise.

2. It has 20 original suites for the couple and the guests to stay; this way they will enjoy the great event from the beginning to the end.

3. The hotel atmosphere is very relaxed and casual, so the day of your wedding you can walk barefoot on the sand, hang out at the pool or just enjoy the scenery.

4. It has a wonderful spa specializing in body treatments; some of the most recommended are Mexican Barro, Caribbean Exfoliation and Tahi & Tissue.

5. Experts at weddings from the hotel will help you plan every single detail, so you will be confident that such a special moment is in the best hands.

6. With such a beautiful scenery the decoration could not be left behind, which is why you can pick flowers and table linen that fits your style, such as tropical, nautical or perhaps something more romantic.

7. Cilantro’s Restaurant has prepared for its guests the most delicious dishes you can imagine, a perfect fusion between Mexican and Peruvian food.

8. Hotel staff will pamper the bride and the groom as they deserve; definitely the queen and king of the moment.

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