Experiential Weddings at UNICO 20º87º

In Bridal by Belen Molina

The pristine, white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Riviera Maya make a perfect backdrop for any special occasion. But at UNICO 20°87°, weddings are truly memorable experiences, filled with personalized details and artful touches inspired by the region. Named for the latitude and longitude of the area where it is located, UNICO 20°87° is an adults-only all-inclusive oasis that aims to drench its guests in local culture while providing a unique and luxurious getaway.

UNICO 20°87° has partnered with Marylen Exposito, renowned wedding planner and founder of Marylen Exposito Weddings, to design UNICO’s one-of-a-kind Experiential Wedding Packages:

The Riviera Maya Experience

 A new take on the classic beach wedding. Through this immersive experience, you and your guests will witness the beauty of the Riviera Maya and get a taste of contemporary Mexico.

The One-of-a-Kind Experience

 The One-of-a-Kind Experience takes the Riviera Maya Experience to whole a new level by adding a deeper level of personalization. You and your guests will enjoy a unique and intimate escape into the region.

The 20°87° Experience

 Take the immersive wedding experience and add an extra layer of luxury. The 20°87° experience intertwines the hotel’s proud local spirit with the beauty and natural elegance of the surrounding landscape to create a truly unmatched setting.

For more information about UNICO 20°87°’s Experiential Wedding Packages, or to contact a Wedding Specialist, please visit: https://www.unicohotelrivieramaya.com/

Photos by Moni & Adri Photography 


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