Interview with the Creator of Dos Sofias

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

The Mexican company has established itself as one of the best as far as event setting refers; we interviewed its creator Sofia Rivera Garcia Granados to learn everything about Dos Sofias and especially about an original wedding that left us enthralled.

IM: Tell us what is Dos Sofias?
SR: It is a company dedicated to pleasing the discerning eye and palate. Within the company we have two main branches. On one hand we have gastronomy that specializes in exclusive catering from 10 to 80 people; this area is focused on epicurean people who want to organize a small event at their home or office but are looking for customized menus. The area for setting and floral design seeks to decorate and harmonize the dream events of our customers, ranging from a delivery floral arrangement to the conceptualization and scenery of the event with the help of our sister company Hiperbole. Our passion is to delight in an unforgettable experience through each of our details.

IM: What is the creative process when you get hired for a wedding?
SR: The creative process begins for us when knowing the bride, groom and their environment. Through a questionnaire and a planning process we learn how they are, what they want to reflect and how they want to achieve it. Upon the completion of the idea, we make a moodboard, readers and tests for the creative concept of the event. We engage in all related details, such as invitations, tablecloths, glasses, dishes, flooring, lighting, floral arrangements, furniture, table sweets etc. Our goal is to tell the story of the couple in the best way possible; their personality will be embodied in every single detail.

IM: What are the strengths of your company?
SR: We love our work! We enjoy every process and we love to propose new ideas for each one of our clients.

IM: How did the idea of creating a wedding inspired by the architect Luis Barragan arise?
SR: The father of the bride, Mr. Francisco Galvez, was born and lived in a house designed by the architect Luis Barragan, so this influenced him throughout his life. His daughter’s wedding was a reflection of that taste for Barragan’s style.

IM: What were the highlights for decorative elements?
SR: The first requirement was color, mostly in the pink and ocher seven-meter-walls and in the center, a large square like Mathias Goeritz’s style. The horses that surrounded the hall were made by the artisans creators of the famous “Judas” by Diego Rivera. Clay pots, flowers and blown glass harmonized this unique wedding with contemporary Mexican elegance, while maintaining the simplicity that characterizes the architecture of Luis Barragan.

IM: What interesting facts can you share about the famous architect?
SR: In a nutshell, he has been the only Mexican architect who has been awarded with the Pritzker Prize in 1980.

IM: What do you think is the most special element in Mexican weddings?
SR: For us it is a set; a balance between a decorated environment that reflects the personality of the couple, good food, dancing, joy and especially a lot of love between the couple.

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