An Interview with the Creator of Libelula

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

We love to know that there are talented designers in Mexico that are responsible for creating pieces of excellent quality with innovative proposals, but we love more to get them closer to our readers, which are lovers of good design. This is an interview with the young designer Sofia Alvarez, creator of one of the most progressive brands of the moment, which offers unique and original wedding rings: Libelula.

IM: How was Libelula created?
SA: It came as the result of my love for jewelry and art, in addition to my need to always be creating something different and realizing my ideas.

IM: What is the concept of the brand?
SA: My collections are inspired mostly by nature, everything has a purpose and I think that’s what makes it different. The line of engagement rings is 100% inspired by my clients; they are tailored made depending on the personality and needs of each person. All my rings are named for the man or woman who receives it, and thus the intention is complete.

IM: What services are offered for engagement and wedding rings?
SA: Libelula offers customers a unique and tailored experience, something different to what we’re used to buy. We try to read our clients and understand their needs. After an initial conversation an appointment is made to see stones; whether diamonds, pearls or colored precious stones. Here I explain everything you need to know about the subject and decisions are made in order to create exactly what you are looking for.

IM: What makes it different from others jewelry brands?
SA: We differentiate ourselves by inspirations, details and personalized attention for each client, as well as the quality, workmanship and materials we use.

IM: What is the process with a client?
SA: First we make an appointment to see what they have in mind, we ask them to tell us something about the bride or groom, and with this information some sketches are made to go nearing the final design. On a second date I tell them all about the stone and in the third meeting the final piece is delivered.

IM: What would you like to add to the interview?
SA: We have all kinds of designs and stones for different budgets. Libelula is a brand of fine jewelry in constant motion and transformation, with an intention, quality and design. We’d love you to follow us on Instagram at @libelulaporsofia, where we share our work constantly.

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