Interview with Luis Delaye and Eduardo Gutierrez Pulido, Creators of Petit Bribon

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

We interviewed these two young Mexicans who despite their young age have positioned their brand as one of the most recognized in our country, both for the quality of its stones as for the creativity in each one of the pieces. From interesting personal facts to major celebrities wearing their jewelry; they told us all of this and more.

IM: Dear Luis and Eduardo, tell us about your careers, personalities and hobbies.

EGP: I am passionate about climbing the beautiful Mexican summits, reading Bradbury, Bukowski, Mo Yan and Matheson. I’m a geek who enjoys keeping up with advances in molecular biology and epigenetics, cinema and rock, besides being a dog lover. Within Petit Bribon I undertake the strategies to guide the growth of the brand, ensure the quality and curate our selection of diamonds.

LD: I had my first encounter with a creative process as a child when I watched my grandmother working in her workshop; she has always been dedicated to designing Christmas decorations and I found it fascinating to see how the materials transformed into beautiful objects. I studied Industrial Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana. I never thought I would love jewelry this much until I went on a trip where I discovered the symbolic value that a gem hides, and from that moment it had my attention forever. Currently, I’m studying for my Masters in Design Theory and developing a focused research study of the symbolic value of luxury goods.

IM: How was Petit Bribon created?

LD: I started designing jewelry when I was 20 and founded a brand called Lost & Found. I had the chance to meet jewelry processes well and I could show my work on multiple, important platforms. In 2013, I had a very interesting conversation with Eduardo, who had been my best friend since high school, and that is when we decided to return to jewelry but now with a more structured vision and a concept that fascinated us. We are both very intense with work and each one of us specializes in something; I design and Eduardo is responsible for carrying the company. We called it Petit Bribon because our customers are mainly men in love looking for incredible jewelry to steal the heart of the person they love.

IM: What differentiates your brand from others?

EGP: We go beyond just selling a gem; it is a process that we are confident is a very important moment in the life of whoever wants to engage, so the first thing we do is advise them and then, according to their needs and along with them we design a piece that is unique and that synthesizes what they want to express. We put a lot of interest in the manufacturing process and take care of every detail, from the right alloying of the metals to the way it is manufactured; we do everything by hand because we are confident that it is the only way we can make real jewelry.

IM: What jewelry services do you offer?

LD: We are expert tailored jewelry designers; we specialize in engagement rings but do not limit ourselves to that. In each project we work with our clients to create a beautiful piece with a lot of symbolism and design it to make the person using it feel special. We have a variety of options in both metals and precious stones, but our specialty is diamonds.

IM: Tell us about the pieces that you have made exclusively for celebrities.

EGP: We recently had the opportunity to design an incredible gem for Lana del Rey and one for Zoe Saldana, in collaboration with NYLON in Spanish Magazine.

IM: Luis, tell us about your approach as a Mexican jeweler.

LD: One of the main focuses of my research is Mexico as a country of privileged conditions to produce luxury goods. We have, within our reach, impressive raw materials, skilled craftsmen, designers like me who are committed to this type of product and especially people interested in purchasing. I think our generation has to break some paradigms; we have to appreciate more than ever what is done in Mexico.

Photos by Esteban Calderon

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