A Little Sweet Bit of Heaven

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

The state of Veracruz is synonymous with beauty and joy, with beaches, spectacular scenery and charismatic people. On the road from Nautla to Poza Rica, in a mystical place called Tecolutla, there is a true paradise that rejoices the soul. Azucar, a member of Grupo Habita and Design Hotels, blends magically into the lush nature with its contemporary architecture. The color white is found almost everywhere and together with the sea, palm trees and colorful accents, the atmosphere is in perfect balance. Marrying the one you love and having your wedding at Azucar ensures a fresh, natural and free space, with the breeze grazing your face and the sound of waves relaxing your mind. Sharing this bit of heaven with your guests is an excellent choice, and for this the hotel has 20 comfortable villas, each with a hammock and a private terrace. For the ceremony you can choose from the pool area, with seating for up to 150 people seated, the garden overlooking the sea with room for up to 300 guests, or the living room that is smaller but more comfortable for those who like to be in a refreshing space. While the hotel is not one that hosts an event every weekend, they do offer luxury first class service and are ready with everything needed to make your wedding as you’ve always dreamed of. Do you want a little Azucar?

Photos by Undine Pröhl

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