Nice to Meet You, Puebla

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

If you were planning to get married in Mexico, it is more likely that Puebla was not in your plans as it’s generally not one of the most famous destinations among foreigners, but what I can assure you is that it is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and getting married here would be an excellent choice. Puebla de los Angeles, as it’s known, is only 80 miles from Mexico City, so moving from one place to another is very simple. It is one of the cities with more monuments, historical wealth, and traditional food with favorites like mole, cemitas and churros. While it has majestic churches for religious ceremonies, it also has a chic and contemporary setting for the banquet and party, known as La Purificadora. The hotel since its inauguration has been one of the hot spots of the city. It is located in an old building from the year 1884 and has several spaces to perform the wedding, such as the lobby with seating up to 200 people, the restaurant with seating for 80 people, the chef’s table where 12 of your special guests can enjoy a nice dinner, or in the different rooms, which feature delicious food, cocktails and music. Personally my favorite spaces for the union of two people are the terrace and patio, since they have the perfect synergy between old and new. If you were worried about the service and quality, please don’t. La Purificadora is part of Grupo Habita, one of the most prestigious hotel chains in the country. I dare you to pronounce the big words “I do” in a unique and different destination, surrounded by the beautiful Mexican culture in Puebla.

Photos by Undine Pröhl

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