Romantic Celebration at Hacienda Viborillas

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

The fusion of a spectacular eighteenth century building with the nature of this site that’s located in the state of Queretaro in central Mexico, results in a magical destination where romantic couples decide to carry out the most special day of their life: the wedding. We love Hacienda Viborillas for having the most important elements that a space must have for this type of event, such as comfort, convenience, breathtaking beauty and first-class service. Built hundreds of years ago, the hacienda’s walls, space and details all have a very special meaning and emotional value, plus the energy you feel is peaceful and very relaxing. For events, Hacienda Viborillas has a variety of venues including a set of underground cellars to carry out intimate events from 40 to 180 people; the large garden, characterized by the luxuriance of its plants, accommodates up to 1,100 guests; the terrace, with plenty of fresh air, can accommodate 450 guests; the chapel room is ideal for the religious celebration; and the Yuca garden accommodates up to 200 loved ones. One of the attractions of this majestic hacienda is the set of railcars converted into a thematic museum, along with an old barber shop with original utensils of the time, an apothecary with flasks and mortars, a cozy bar and a dining room that makes you feel like you’re in a movie; all these spaces are perfect for the photo shoot where the groom and the bride will look totally amazing. Of course the service is essential, and that is why the team of professionals from Hacienda Viborillas is ready to help you with every single detail from the wedding process. We invite you to meet this original destination and pronounce the magic words: “I do.”

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