Romantic Sounds

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

It is said that music was invented to gladden the heart, and although the hearts of two people who are getting married have an abundance of joy, a little gaiety and enthusiasm are never enough. La Casa Que Canta is a luxury boutique hotel located in Zihuatanejo, or to be more specific in Playa la Ropa. Those who know the hotel define it as a refined and peaceful sanctuary with essence, history and unique personality. The 25 beautiful suites, two splendid villas—Murmullo and Ensueño—and other facilities, are made with typical materials such as adobe, rustic woods and palapa, which makes the visit an experience of tradition and pleasure. Weddings that are held at La Casa Que Canta are not big and ostentatious events, but rather more intimate and romantic ceremonies for up to 50 people where love is honored. It is important to mention that just because they are small events does not mean they are simple. Luxury and attention to detail are present at all times throughout the decoration, music, food and drinks, as well as the other services. To relax on the days leading up to the wedding the hotel has its Spa by Clarins, with its renewal, moisturizing and purifying treatments that will leave you ready and radiant for the big day. As its name states, La Casa Que Canta is surrounded by a magical atmosphere thanks to the sound of the sea, the wind, the trees brushing each other and of course, the laughter of all of those who visit it. Are you ready to hear its song?

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