The Greatness of Uayamon

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

There is something in old places that makes us feel special, as if we were part of the history that has been happening for hundreds of years with moments of adventure, laughter and above all, love. Uayamon is one of those places where energy is harmonious and relaxing, where the wind blows slowly and where couples unite their lives forever in ceremonies with a very special energy. The hacienda located in the tropical jungle of Campeche was built in 1700; can you imagine all the romantic stories that happened there? Like all properties of The Luxury Collection, hacienda Uayamon has the best quality in services, in addition to its unsurpassed beauty. It can accommodate events up to 700 people, but not everyone can stay there as it only has 12 suites, which are of course for the closest guests. Among the many activities that may be enjoyed before or after the wedding day, there are spa treatments, bike rides, an outdoor pool and visits to various sites. If you’ve wondered about the food, don’t worry, you’ll be more than satisfied with the mix of national and international cuisine prepared with organic ingredients. Choose this original destination for your wedding and let the magic of Uayamon infuse your marriage of pure good wishes.

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