The Palace at the Beach

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

Staying at a five-star hotel is one of the greatest pleasures you’ll ever experience, and making your wedding at one of them is a blast. The Resort at Pedregal is a fabulous property located in Los Cabos, that undoubtedly is one of our favorite destinations for its beauty, closeness and variety of activities and restaurants. The hotel has everything a guest—and in this case a couple getting married—may need. At The Resort at Pedregal they are aware that every wedding is unique and different, which is why with the help of experts you will choose everything step-by-step that will create one of the most beautiful days of your life. Choosing the concept of a wedding is very important because the decor, food, drinks and even music should be selected based on that style; whether you prefer classical, casual, modern or even Mexican inspiration, we are sure that your wedding will be one of a kind. If you are wondering how big the hotel is, I’ll tell you that your guests can stay in one of the 96 sea-view rooms and suites available, and if you book 10 or more rooms they will offer a very good discount. An example of the great service offered at the hotel is that they’ll help you leave welcome gifts in the guests’ rooms, such as fruit baskets, chocolate strawberries and spa certificates among others; we love these kind of things. Surely you are eager to make your wedding at The Resort at Pedregal, but you also may have many other questions, which is why we invite you to visit their website where they explain in detail, all the elements to be taken into account for the organization of your fantastic wedding.

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