10 Reasons to Invest in Mexico Real Estate

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Mexico continues to be one of the fastest growing countries for luxury real estate in the world. More than one million Americans now live full- or part-time in Mexico. InMexico Real Estate Group‘s clients are seeing an average return of 8 to 10-percent on their investment. 

Mexico is the best place to invest now! Here are 10 great reasons to convince you.

  1. Luxury Mexico is a hot spot for celebrities, A-listers and society’s elite, attracting more and more of the world’s wealth through dining, real estate, shopping and beyond.
  2. Weather and Lifestyle Need we say more? It’s easy going and a true paradise
  3. Safety Mexico resort cities are very safe, with state-of-the-art security. It’s common to not even lock your doors at night in these communities
  4. Medical Care Years ago people had to go back to the States for medical services but now visitors form the States are coming to Mexico for medical services
  5. English “Hola” is not needed here. You will find the Mexican people love Americans and mostly speak English in these regions
  6. Healthy Lifestyle There are many great healthy food options at modern grocery stores, along with an array of spas, yoga studios, personal trainers and top gyms
  7. Starbucks If you need your Starbucks fix, there are many now open (with drive-thrus!) in most resort cities.
  8. Modern Infrastructure From high-speed internet and major highways, to excellent medical facilities, international schools and major brand shopping, Mexico also offers modern infrastructure that makes it easy to enjoy yourself and feel right at home. 
  9. Easy Access Daily flights from most major U.S. cities
  10. Growth Tourism continues to increase at double-digital levels annually and more five-star luxury resorts have been recently completed or are under construction than anywhere else in the world.

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