The Sound of Mexico: Spotify Releases the Most Popular Hits Throughout Mexico

In Cancún, Los Cabos, Play, Play, Play, Play, Playa del Carmen & Tulum, Puerto Vallarta by Suzanne Koch

In the same way that food, language and culture changes as you travel miles around the world, so does music, which is why Spotify set out to create playlists for nearly a thousand cities across the globe. By analyzing 20 billion listener/track relationships, Spotify is able to curate local hit-lists. The playlists are made up of 100 tunes listened by people in that city that people in other cities don’t listen to that much, thus making these playlists truly unique to each location. The best part is each of these playlists are updated twice a month so you can always be on top of what music is trending anywhere in the world.

Spotify has created playlists for many cities throughout Mexico including top destination spots like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Monterrey, Merida and more. So the next time you jet off to Cancun, just hit play and count this as your ultimate vacation playlist. Click here to find a world map with all the cities’ playlists at your fingertips.

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