Morning-After Cravings: Menudo

In Culture by Belen Molina

Hungover? Or maybe just a little dehydrated after a long night of dancing? As crazy as it may sound, a hearty, rich, and salty authentic Mexican breakfast may be the best way to ease your pain and bring balance to your body. Whether you have overindulged in tequila, run way too many miles under the Mexican sun, or danced too much and for too long without proper hydration, your body may suffer the consequences the morning after. Our bodies are wise and complex machines, and we usually don’t give it the credit that it deserves. Morning-after cravings are much more than just an extension of a fun and carefree night; they are, in fact, our bodies’ biological response to overindulgence: Sodium helps keep water in our bodies long enough to hydrate our cells and to keep our electrolytes balanced. When we are dehydrated, our bodies loose sodium, and in order to compensate for such loss, we crave salty foods.

When it comes to satisfying morning-after cravings, Mexican food is the way to go. Rich, hearty, spicy, and warm not only nourishes the body, but also the soul. One of the most authentic Mexican breakfast foods is the traditional menudo. And while some of the ingredients in this traditional comfort food may be out of your comfort zone, its rich and delicious flavor will make your heart rejoice. Menudo is a traditional Mexican stew made with beef stomach (tripe) in a broth that is prepared with a red Guajillo chili pepper base. Menudo is served hot in large bowls and garnished with lime juice, chopped onions, chopped cilantro, dried oregano and different salsas. It is usually eaten with handmade corn tortillas. Preparing menudo is a time-intensive process that usually takes anywhere from four to seven hours. For this reason, menudo was traditionally a dish prepared by the entire family and eaten on special occasions. In popular Mexican culture, menudo is believed to be a remedy for hangovers. Nowadays, menudo is a popular breakfast food that people enjoy during the weekend, particularly on Sundays. For this reason, many restaurants offer this dish exclusively during the weekend.

If you happen to be waking up in Los Cabos and the intense morning-after cravings are begging you to indulge in a steamy, spicy bowl of menudo, do yourself a favor and head on over to Tenangos at The Shoppes at Palmilla. On Sundays, from 10 am to 5 pm, Tenangos offers the traditional menudo, along with many other authentic Mexican dishes. Buen provecho!



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