The 2016 Mexican Spring/Summer Collection at Fino Boutique

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

Fino boutique, under the direction of owner, Marsha La Tessa, is capturing the discerning Los Cabos shopper with an explosion of excitement. Fino is set to be the go-to for super wearable, just-directional-enough pieces – the clothes you wear on repeat, forever. The 2016 Mexican Spring / Summer collection is sophisticated and mischievous.

CARLA FERNANDEZ: Carla Fernandez works with artisans from all over Mexico that are specialized in creating textiles and handcrafts. The philosophy that she and her team create under is that the future is handmade. Haute couture that you find in Paris is found in Mexico in the mountains, in the Mixteca coast, in the canyons of the Tarahumara and the heights of Chiapas. They pay the artisans not only for their hand labor, but also for the intellectual property of their designs. After 10 years of research, Carla collected and catalogued hundreds of garment designs that were at risk of extinction. Carla Fernandez collections have been shown in major venues in London, Boston, Japan, China and Mexico.

SANDRA WEIL: Peruvian designer, Sandra Weil found her couture collection in 2008 with a vision to create high quality, beautiful, handmade garments with special attention to details and finishes. The designs are classic, yet unconventional with impeccable fit, wearable silhouettes, streamlined color palettes and signature accents. Sandra Weil has a particular genius for the unexpected. Her couture flagship store is based in Mexico City in the Polanco borough where Sandra can continue to develop creatively and professionally while staying close to her Latin roots.


1/8 TAKAMURA: Born and raised in Mexico City, founder and designer Guillermo Vargas knew from an early age that everything related to making and designing clothes was his destined path. Vargas interned with designer Isabel Marant in Paris and became the recipient of various awards, like the Moët & Fashion Award in Mexico, but it was starting his own brand that truly laid the first stone in his world. 1/8 Takamura is a place where Vargas can play with his Mexican roots and creativity.


YAKAMPOT: Created in 2011, Yakampot promotes and evolves the Mexican cultural heritage by designing, crafting and creating fashion clothing for modern and sophisticated women who appreciate a handmade garment enough to wear it. Yakampot is the name of a small community in Chiapas where the firm started as a proyect. In Tzotzil-Maya it means “the place where water is born.” The name acknowledges the potential of the highly skilled and talented indigenous women whose work enriches the collections. These clothes are made jointly with artisans from different States of the Mexican territory, thus helping to rescue and preserve the traditional techniques and iconography of their people. They use fabrics and embroidered textiles from the states of Puebla, Chiapas, Oaxaca and Estado de México, among others. The firm’s creative director, Francisco Cancino, got his start in the industry in 2005 giving workshops to groups of native women on how to create textile products. He has been able to generate synergies in more than 40 communities in Mexico.

CAPELO: Capelo palm leaf hats are handmade in the Central Highlands of Mexico by a family of three generations all living and working under one roof. Capelo founders, Kelly and Libby, were on a road trip through a remote mountainous area when they discovered these amazing hats. They decided to start Capelo and bring these hats to the rest of the world.

SUPER Sunglasses by RETROSUPERFUTURE: SUPER Sunglasses is a quirky, bold line of eyewear founded in 2007 by Daniel Beckerman in Italy. SUPER’s collections can currently be found in more than 20 countries around the world, including Mexico. Recognized for its distinctive mix of eclectic aesthetics and quality, SUPER has been the eyewear of choice for the likes of Beyonce, Kanye West and Lady Gaga.

UNMARKED SHOES: The belief in sustainable and ethically made products has led Unmarked to develop a shoe made entirely of natural materials. The upper part of the shoe is made completely chemical-free. The insole and foot bed are also vegetable-tanned leather, ridding it of any environmentally harsh practices. Here’s a little description of the shoemaking process for this all-natural style: “Once we cut the 3mm thick leather, all parts of the shoe are stitched together to form the upper. We last the upper by hand and let the shoes rest and stretch for 72 hours, creating a firm shape only found with handmade footwear. The whole process takes more than five days of production from cutting to packaging. Making a truly handcrafted pair of shoes with natural materials takes time and patience.”


Love creates beautiful things. You can be confident of being cared for and welcome when you walk through the door of Fino.

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