Dine Like a Celebrity at this San Jose del Cabo Spot

In Dine, Los Cabos by Suzanne Koch

Of course you can find a surplus of big name stars and Hollywood faces roaming around ultra-luxurious resorts and sneaking into their private villas. But when the stars get hungry, what’s their go-to spot? One local favorite might surprise you.

Nestled into the cobblestone streets of San Jose del Cabo is the charming and chic indoor/outdoor space of El Espontaneo. Located at El Encanto Inn & Suites, this dining hotspot is more than meets the eye. The restaurant is majestically hidden behind two large wooden doors and features an expansive courtyard area with a Spanish chapel, twinkling lights and a view into the open-kitchen where the magic happens.

Led by Chef Juan Eumir, the team at El Espontaneo are masters at serving up surprising dishes daily. The concept of the restaurant is built on instinct, readily-available ingredients, and years of skills and intuition. Instead of churning out the same dish night after night, Chef Juan has perfected the art of whipping up decadent dishes on the spot. While a menu is available, we highly recommend putting your dinner choice in the hands of Chef Juan, who used to spend his days as a private chef for many A-listers and is now a favorite among dining celebrities. With regulars like George Clooney, Cindy Crawford and Leonardo DiCaprio, Chef Juan knows what it takes to please even the most sophisticated of palates.

Celebrities aside, the experience is a unique, one-of-a-kind evening, perfect for an adventurous vacation with friends, family or a special someone. Head to El Espontaneo now, where summer specials and weekly deals abound!

For more information, visit: lespontaneo.com


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