A “Bite of Mexico”

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By – Kacie Asher

Summer is in the air and so is the smell of Mexican cuisine. Velas Resorts chef-driven food series, “A Bite of Mexico” makes its debut in paradise July 8 to August 3. Become a food adventurist as 20 guest chefs take you on a gastronomic journey tasting bites through the regions of Mexico City, Puebla, La Paz and The Yucatan Peninsula. Delight your senses with cooking classes, natural spa treatments, drink tastings and more.

Live it up this summer and discover a culinary experience built for a queen and king.

Here’s a sneak peek at the guest chef lineup for each Velas Resort.

Joel Ornelas– the chef behind Puerto Vallarta’s Tintoque, Ornelas is known for his modern spinoff of traditional dishes. He thinks in terms of color; the texture, acidity and spicy elements complete each dish beautifully. (Grand Velas Los Cabos)

Javier Galindo– executive chef of La Lupita in Cabo, Galindo is influenced by flavors and his mother’s cooking. He takes his favorite Mexican ingredients, corn and chilies to create the perfect taco with just the right amount of salt, sweetness, spice and texture. (Mar del Cabo)

Victor Jimenez– head chef of famed Mexico City restaurant Rosetta. The cuisine here has a deep respect for the Mexican ingredient. (Riviera Nayarit)

Karla Encisco– well-traveled chef, gastronomic entrepreneur and cooking teacher extraordinaire, Karla is responsible for offering top culinary experiences in Cancun. A woman of many talents Encisco is most recognized for menu creation and culinary cooking classes. When creating dishes, she embraces the flavors native to that region. She resides in the heart of Mayakoba as the executive chef of Pueblito. (Casa Velas)

Francisco Molina– owner and head chef of famed restaurant Evoka in Tlaxcala Valley. His dishes reflect the customs, history and recipes special to that region. Each dish displays the most representative ingredients of that state in an aesthetically pleasing way. (Velas Vallarta) 

Nico Mejia – cookbook author and leading chef on Colima cuisine. Nico’s 10-year gastronomic journey is a true ode to the state. He writes of the people, markets and its traditional cooks who shared 60 recipes native to the region. (Grand Velas Rivera Maya)

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