Casa Virginia, Better Than Home

In Architecture & Design, Dine by Isabella Moreno

It is possible to live this experience from Tuesday to Sunday from 1:30 PM.

The concept of Casa Virginia is “share and wander around good food“. The two women who own the project made this concept wonderfully inside an old beautiful house of the Colonia Roma in Mexico City and decorated it with exquisite taste.The restaurant is a project by the well known and talented chef Mónica Patiño and her daughter Micaela Miguel. Both share the space and the vision to create a place where you eat like home, by putting big delicious dishes on the center of the table for use individually as you would in any home. It is casual, family dining, making it unpretentious with the perfect feeling.A point to highlight of Casa Virginia is the importance they give to the raw material products used. The food you eat in this restaurant arrives at the center of the table, either directly from the garden on the roof of the old house, or from small national suppliers. It is important to have in mind the importance that Mónica Patiño and Micaela Miguel give to the origin of its raw material in order to generate awareness of the products to eat and the way in which they are harvested and especially the way in which they are eaten. The menu changes from season to season, depending on the products that are best harvested during that time. This upholds the mission of Casa Virginia by ensuring a meal completely fresh and nutritious.

The restaurant is located on the Av. Alvaro Obregon in Colonia Roma in Mexico City. It is an avenue known by its old history and variety, now a corridor full of excellent dining options, bars and nightlife without ceasing to be a great option as residential or atelier. Since the 20’s when the city began the division of space of this district, it experienced many buildings with mixed uses. Recently, different architects recognized the value of the property and it was decided to revamp the entire district a few years ago, making Colonia Roma one of the most popular and visited within the city.

The corner where Casa Virginia stands also has a history. Mr. Antonio Pacheco was owner of it arriving from Santander, Spain and the house was used for the residential use of his family. In 1940 one of the granddaughters named Virginia came to Mexico City to inhabit the house with her husband, Dr. Fernando of Emparan. The ground floor was used as a clinic for more than six decades and at the same time the different spaces next to it were rented to local businesses such as bakeries and grocery stores.

It was during the year 2006 when the income fell into the hands of Chef Mónica Patiño to establish the familiar corner, a wonderful gourmet spot called “Delirio”. In the year of 2013, with the death of her husband, Mrs. Virginia decided to rent the entire house. It was then, Mónica Patiño decided to continue with the tradition and establish “Casa Virginia” with her daughter. Having in the same corner two more excellent dining options to enjoy in Mexico City.






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