Dishing It Out: Victor Israel Garrido, The Cape, a Thompson Hotel

In Dine, Los Cabos, People by Suzanne Koch

Victor Israel Garrido 

Executive Chef of The Cape, a Thompson Hotel

Cabo San Lucas

Instagram: @vic.garrido35 

I draw inspiration from the great cultural diversity in the world and sharing with my staff and guests. 

I separate myself and my brand from others in this field by enriching myself and my culinary knowledge through others’ experiences and traditions. 

My greatest career achievement thus far is transcendence. It makes me very happy to still be in touch with people in Cairo, Egypt at the Mexican restaurant I opened in 2011 and to be able to continue to support it by sharing recipes with the current local chefs.

People would be surprised to know that I lost 70 pounds in the last four years and still enjoy quesadillas and a beer once in a while.

My favorite place in town to enjoy an authentic meal is Lugareño Cocina. It has a relaxed ambiance, Mexican wine and amazing food. 

Tequila or mezcal? Tequila. I enjoy a Paloma Blanca once a week in a downtown cantina. 

I hope my greatest contribution to Mexico’s culinary scene is the formation of future culinary leaders sharing humility, ethics, respect for others and professional values.

This article originally appeared in the 2019 Fall/Winter issue of InMexico Magazine.

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