Exclusive Finds at Casa Vieja

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

When traveling to other places, especially abroad, it’s not far off to say that finding a beautifully unique item that reflects the local culture is the highlight of the trip. In Cabo, one store that’s brimming with exclusive treasures is Casa Vieja whose owner, Leticia Klein has spent many years exploring Mexico and the Baja and who’s even had a hand in helping it grow into the burgeoning destination it is today.


Casa Vieja, which means “old house” in Spanish, is a cozy and colorful boutique located in the upscale center of The Shoppes at Palmilla. While Klein’s current day-to-day is running the stylish boutique, she wasn’t always at the front of the fashion scene. Klein, along with her husband, arrived in Los Cabos in 1980 from Loreto where they helped open El Presidente Hotel. After helping open the Cabo project as well, Klein headed up the sales and public relations of the hotel and soon realized the need for a nice restaurant and shopping boutique for the many visitors. Thus, her and her husband opened Daminana restaurant and she, Casa Vieja.


Opening its doors in 1983, Casa Vieja was originally located in an old house more than 200 years old. The first designers that Leticia stocked her showroom with were Irene Pulas and Mexican designer, Josefa. Today, the boutique features an array of Mexican and Latin American designers like Pineda Covalin and Amelia Toro to provide something unique for the many Canadian and American visitors. From handmade Mexican shoes to shirts made from cacti fibers, the vibrant store is sure to satisfy the wandering traveler.

A traveler herself, Leticia’s favorite Baja spots include Loreto, Santa Rosalina, La Paz and Guerrero Negro among many others throughout Mexico. For a chance to experience Klein’s passion for these cities and the rest of Mexico, and to even take a piece of it home with you, stop into Casa Vieja today.

For more information, visit: facebook.com/CasaViejaCabo

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