Los Cabos Film Festival Selects Top Flicks

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

The upcoming Los Cabos Film Festival has chosen some of the top upcoming films in the business to participate at the film festival in November. The fourth edition of the festival will feature Mexican, Canadian and U.S. films in the Competencia Los Cabos section and Mexican only films in the Mexico Primero section. The final film to premier on closing night will be the highly anticipated “Steve Jobs” by Danny Boyle. The film stars Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen.

The producer of the Best Film winner in the Competencia section will win $15,000. Notable competitors in this category include Sundance prize winner “James White,” and “Room,” the film gaining Oscar attention. Also included is “Tangerine,” one film that will make Apple happy as an iPhone was used to shoot it. The nine competing films are listed below:

Desde allá by Lorenzo Vigas (Mexico/Venezuela)
Tangerine by Sean Baker (USA)
Room by Lenny Abrahamson (Canada/Ireland)
Chronic by Michel Franco (Mexico)
James White by Josh Mond (USA)
Les Êtres Chers by Anne Émond (Canada)
Un monstruo de mil cabezas by Rodrigo Plá (Mexico)
Nasty Baby by Sebastián Silva (USA/Chile)
Sleeping Giant by Andrew Cividino (Canada)

The Mexico Primero section will also award $15,000 to the director of the Best Mexican Film. The films in this category are top notch Mexican films that aim to expertly display their storytelling skills. Look out for Toronto entry “Semana Santa,” and “Te promote anarquia,” winner of Locarno. Another to watch for is “Las elegidas, which premiered at Cannes festival. The six competing films are listed below:

Semana Santa by Alejandra Márquez
Sabrás qué hacer conmigo by Katina Medina Mora
La caridad by Marcelino Islas
Las elegidas by David Pablos
Te prometo anarquía by Julio Hernández Cordón
Almacenados by Jack Zagha

The festival will take place November 11-15. For more information and details, visit their website: www.cabosfilmfestival.com

Photo: Los Cabos Film Festival Facebook

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