Maka Mexico

In Los Cabos by Isabella Moreno

Maka Mexico, a unique product line, was created by three young Mexican designers. Maka means to give in Nahuatl language, and the name represents the action that these three young women are achieving: to give support to communities of Mexico through its presentation of beautiful fabrics, tissues, textiles and different types of emboidery.

The three founders of this brand are Stefania Stenger, Daniela Ustaran and Karla Urruchúa, who aim to create Mexican objects that compete with international products and work to spread the Mexican craft. At Maka Mexico, people create by means of different processes, but the majority of the materials are Mexican and made up of natural fibers. The three designers are heavily involved in the production of each product, choosing the materials to include in each piece and concentrating on creating unique products through the differing embroidery of each piece.

Maka Mexico focuses on specifying the tradition of each community and highlighting their work. Some of their collaborations have included the flowers of Nachig, hats with Calkini, Sibacá and Chinantla. It is important to recognize the work in a fair market, making sure each team’s positioned correctly in the chain of different process, from the creative, materials, production and dissemination.

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