Guide to the Ultimate Girls’ Getaway

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By Chloe McAllaster

For many people, the hardest part of planning any trip to Mexico is choosing the destination. This challenge can seem even more daunting when you have many distinct personalities to please. With this in mind, we’ve outlined the attractions and atmospheres of three of Mexico’s hottest destinations: Tulum, Cancún, and Los Cabos. Whether you’re looking to plan a picture perfect bachelorette party or simply a much needed getaway with the girls, dust off your carry-on because this guide includes the best spots for the needs of every friend group.

For the Explorers: Tulum

If your crew is looking for a healthy dose of history and a return to nature on your vacation, look no further than the lush canopies and archaeological ruins of Tulum. Located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is known for its well-preserved ancient Mayan ruins, eco-friendly focus, and bohemian atmosphere. The thrill seekers in your party will love the multitude of breathtaking cenotes and vast jungle ready to explore, while the more laidback among you will revel in the white sand beaches and boutique shops. One of the destination’s boutique resorts will serve as an intimate and lavish setting to enjoy time with friends. 

For the Vacation that Never Sleeps: Los Cabos

If you’re hoping to relive the glory days of college spring breaks with a touch more sophistication, a stay at one of Cabo’s luxury resorts is your ticket to the perfect vacation. Located on the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos offers the perfect setting for aquatic activities, picturesque views, and a bustling nightlife. From dawn till dusk, your crew can visit all the best clubs—from rooftops to speakeasys to local haunts. Take a break from all the revelry with scenic escapes like whale watching and a sunset boat cruise around El Arco before unwinding at one of the area’s top spas.

For the Group that Wants It All: Cancún

Situated not far from Tulum but boasting a larger city, Cancún offers a great compromise between a vacation of exploration, relaxation, and nightlife. Cancún has earned a reputation for large-scale resorts with amenities to spare and seemingly endless stretches of beaches, as well as opportunities for epic day trips. Explore Isla Mujeres for a dose of culture and nature. The island is home to the ancient Mayan temple of Ixchel, Garrafon aquatic park, and some stunning snorkeling spots in the Caribbean Sea.

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