Sábados de Fonda at COMAL

In Dine, Los Cabos by Suzanne Koch

Every Saturday, starting May, COMAL at Chileno Bay Resort is inviting you to enjoy an authentic Mexican lunch experience.

In Mexico, the Fonda is a type of hospitality establishment, usually served by the owner. It differs from restaurants because the food is offered as “comida corrida,” which consists of three dishes. These dishes are called “times,” and are inspired by three times of bullfighting, hence their name “corrida de toros.” Interpreted, the phrase translates to “eat fast and run.” Another version says that “comida corrida” has its origin during the time of Porfiriato, when miners and workers had only a few minutes to eat and for that reason had to run for their food if they did not want to be late to finish their workday. Either way, the dishes are usually rich, home-cooked meals.

Enjoy Sábados de Fonda at Comal, every Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. for $915 MXN per person. Visit for the first event on May 4, when the first beer is on the house!

For more information, click here. To RSVP, contact pamela.perezarellano@aubergeresorts.com

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