Viceroy Los Cabos Debuts High-Tech Fitness Center and Wellness Program

In Los Cabos, Stay by Suzanne Koch

It’s not always easy to stay on that fitness plan when traveling somewhere that has margaritas and guacamole on tap. But for those determined to stay on track, Viceroy Los Cabos is making it even easier with their new high-tech fitness center and wellness programming.

The new indoor-outdoor fitness space was curated by celebrity fitness guru and New York Times best-selling author Harley Pasternak, who’s worked with celebrities like Rihanna, Megan Fox, Halle Barry, Hilary Duff and more. It features top-of-the-line equipment to work up a sweat on like Hoist Roc-It strength equipment and spin bikes, a bootcamp-circuit fitness room, an “adult jungle gym” (a motion cage powered by cables and weights) and more.

Viceroy Los Cabos has also partnered with MODUVATED to lead the resort’s wellness programming, which includes certified trainers in the gym daily (7 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and a slew of heart-pumping classes to work every inch of the body.

Take a look below at some of the classes offered.

  • ModuVated Boot Camp: This military-style fitness class involves plyometric, high intensity intervals, strength training, cardio, core/balance works, various types of intense explosive routines and stretching for one fat-blasting good time.
  • Extreme ModuVated Boot Camp: This advanced military-style fitness class involves weight resistance with props such as tires, sandbags, medicine balls, etc. It provides condition, strength, and intensity. This class is highly recommended to those who really want a tough workout.
  • Other offered classes include cardio kickboxing, Zumba, mat pilates, body sculpt, barre, spinning, spinning with weights, abs and glutes, TRX, kids bootcamp/sports skills, pain-free living, karma FIT, flexibility movements, trampoline and functional training.

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