Your Coffee Addiction Now Made Simpler in Cabo

In Dine, Los Cabos by Suzanne Koch

Some of us can’t fathom a day starting without coffee, even if we’re on vacation (it’s called an addiction). In fact, sometimes we don’t even know where to find the nearest cup of caffeine, causing immediate panic to ensue in our sleepless minds. Travelers and locals alike can now rest assured at the news of another Starbucks opening up in the San Jose del Cabo area. This one, however, will be a little different and a lot more convenient. Yes, the first drive-thru is coming this week and we’re already dreaming of relaxing in our car debating whether to order an iced coffee or latte. Probably both.

The comfort of remaining in your car, while sleep evades your eyes knowing your espresso jolt is moments away, is truly a luxury even Cabo can’t be without – and now it’s not. So for a moment forget all of the resorts reopening, and get ready to celebrate the smaller joys in life – a cup of coffee. Thank you Starbucks, you’ve made us happy again.

The drive-thru Starbucks will be located in the Sotheby’s Real Estate Shopping Center where Mega Foods is located.


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