Yucatan Delicacies at Solaz Los Cabos

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Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort and member of Marriott International, delighted its guests with fabulous Beach Grill, an authentic gastronomic fusion between the flavors of Baja California Sur and the Yucatan Peninsula. On March 22, the hotel hosted a synergy between its Executive Chef, Elihu Yabun Sepulveda and Chefs Claudia Domínguez and Jonathan Otey, who are in charge of the culinary proposal at The Haciendas, a group of five historic properties located near Yucatán and Campeche. 

During the event, diners were able to taste the delicacies that the heritage of the Mayan civilization protects. Each of the dishes integrated typical ingredients of the Yucatan Peninsula such as: nixtamalized corn-based drinks, chaya, Xtabentún liquor, black recado, and without forgetting, the famous achiote that is used for pibil. In addition to these, different options of seafood and exclusive meats from the same region were prepared, such as the cerdo pelón and the Mayan octopus.

The richness in the professional career of the Resident Chef Claudia Domínguez at Hacienda Temozón, and the experience of Executive Chef, Jonathan Otey, were combined to create an authentic selection of the best dishes, which managed to enhance Mexican cuisine.

Once again, Solaz Los Cabos shows us its interest in bringing new proposals to its guests, who will experience a different culinary adventure in each of their visits to this incredible resort.

Photos courtesy of Marriott International. 

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