Experience Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Migration

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By – Kacie Asher

Take in a spectacle of natural beauty as you walk among monarch butterflies at Mexico’s top butterfly sanctuaries. Every autumn, butterflies migrate 3,000 miles to the Central Highlands in Mexico. Once here, they settle in tree forests awaiting spring. Spread your wings as you step into this enchanted forest full of magic. A single ray of spring sunshine awakes the butterflies and right before your eyes thousands of wings take to the sky. Make a wish as each butterfly kisses your shoulder. Witness this life-changing event during late January to the end of March.

Join naturalist guides at Mexico’s top sanctuaries. Here’s an inside look at the experience.

El Rosario Sanctuary –

El Rosario is located near the town of Ocampo in the state of Michoacán. Travel by bus or car to the area. Prepare for a long day-trip with a steep one-hour hike to the biosphere. It’s recommended to stay overnight in Angangueo if you want to experience the butterflies in the best possible light. Relax and recharge at the plaza’s restaurants and arts and crafts corridor.  

Sierra Chincua Sanctuary –

Sierra Chincua is located near the town of Angangueo in the state of Michoacán. Travel by bus to Tlalpujahua or by car to the trailhead. Prepare for a long day-trip with a less strenuous forty-five-minute climb. In addition, enjoy excursions like zip-lining and walking across a hanging bridge after your trip.

3 Sanctuary Tips –
  1. Keep your eyes on weather reports: butterflies like warmer weather. Avoid colder days when clouds and or rain is present.
  2. Hydrate: the hike is 3,000 meters above sea level which can cause altitude sickness. Climb slowly taking regular breaks along the way.
  3. Dress in layers: the micro climate on the mountain causes fluctuations in temperature. Hiking shoes are also recommended.

Experience the evolution of the butterfly, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before.  

For more information or to schedule a tour visit Mexperience or Natural Habitat Adventures.

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