Visit the Spa at Hotel Azulik in Tulum, Here’s Why

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By  – Kacie Asher

Find your essence inside a seaside Mayan sanctuary where pure energies are intertwined with spiritual medicine. The Maya Spa at Hotel Azulik creates a harmonious atmosphere where earthly elements are fused into personalized therapies and remedies. Maya’s signature treatments bring the varying energies to life with the sights, scents, products and scenery in Tulum. Live in a dream by the sea, at Azulik all renewable sources are eco-friendly. Step afoot the spa deck and watch as streams of water flow in from nearby cenotes. Enjoy a stunning environment and pamper your soul in this beautiful jungle paradise today.

Your enhanced wellbeing begins with these five earthly treatments. 

EARTH · LU’UM ·BODY represents our body – A series of alternative healing techniques that use hot stones, herbal compresses and gentle stretching. This soulful combination combines a therapeutic approach to healing the body. Try the Down-To-Earth Reflexology treatment to discover why the natural healing art of energy rebalancing is beneficial. 

WATER · HA’ · EMOTIONS moves our emotions – A replenishing group of body treatments to restore hydration. An array of natural clays, flowers and plants are used to heal the skin. The Ha’ Mayan Bath starts with a body scrub and ends with a harmonious Mayan bath filled with petals and herbs. 

AIR · IK’· MIND thoughts and communication – A series of treatments that awaken the senses by connecting you with scents native to Tulum. Natural scents of honey, papaya and avocado fill the air, creating a space for sheer bliss. If you’re on a spiritual path the Yook’Ol Kaab Massage is offered under moonlight. Each treatment begins with a soulful intention to connect with the universe. 

FIRE · K’AAK’ · VITALITY is our vital energy – A purposeful group of heat-induced treatments to melt away tension and reach mind-body harmony. Each technique has been handed down from past generations in Mexican culture. Restore balance with a Pib Hot Stone Massage. It aims to relax the mind with psychic-protecting Obsidian stones. 

SKY · KA’ AN · SPIRIT higher spiritual realms – A dose of energy-healing techniques that connect your mind, body and soul. Meditative healing practices restore the mind’s peace. During the Transcendental Sound Healing Journey, travel into mystical energy as you heal through sounds, touches and aromatherapy. 

Leave the sanctuary feeling bright, focused, confident and connected.

For more information visit, Hotel Azulik’s Maya Spa online.

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