Help Zipolite after hurricane Agatha

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Hurricane Agatha made its way through the coast of Oaxaca and several towns are in desperate need of help, you can make a difference by donating.

Zipolite, in Oaxaca, Mexico, is an amazing beach that normally hosts thousands of tourists, but now is devastated after the hurricane. The local community needs help with basics and to rebuild the town. Demitri Downing a native from Oaxaca has created a GoFundMe to support the affected people.

“We are raising money to help rebuild the pavilion above the basketball court which also serves as the town hall, in order to restart the communal meetings they need shade in the court, they need money to rebuilt the whole town.

Demitri Downi

Zipolite lives off of tourism and after the hurricane there is much work to do, to rebuilt the village they need all the support you can give them, even a small donation will help:


The hurricane has already left 11 people dead and 20 missing, Oaxaca needs us.

Photographs: LA Times, Twitter @DosvecesLopez


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