Influencer: Johnny Hansen

In People by Suzanne Koch

Name: Jonny Hansen

Facebook: or

Age: 38

Title: Los Cabos Realtor

Married/Single: Single

Kids: Not that I know of

City you live in: San Jose del Cabo, BCS Mexico

A typical day in my life includes… going for a run with my dog first thing in the morning (and again in the evening), emailing/calling/meeting up with clients, and checking out the surf. Other than that, everyday is different!

I was born… in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada

My favorite thing about Los Cabos… is opportunity.  There is opportunity for so many, and it’s being offered in one of the most beautiful places in the world. How can you beat that?!

My family… (including close friends) is the most important thing. Everything else is a bonus – plain and simple.

If I could have dinner with anyone… There are so many to choose from. But if I had to name one off the top of my head, Sir Richard Branson would be one.

One thing I cannot live without… is love. To truly connect with others (I believe) is our greatest purpose in life.  Without connection/love, life wouldn’t be what it is.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… so many different things. From a cartoonist, to a doctor, to a professional ski patroller in Switzerland, etc etc. But one thing I’ve enjoyed ever since I can remember was business 

I’m inspired by… those who are genuinely & deeply kind, generous, and smart – and don’t just play the part.

One person who motivates me… is Robin Sharma

If I could change anything in the world… it would be human perspective on global topics such as pollution, etc.

The perfect day would be… to surf perfect un-crowded waves with just a few close friends, followed by a big family dinner (Mom’s home cooking)…and end the night with a small house party full of good music & people 

My first job was… in a kitchen at HMCS (Sea Cadet Camp). I was 15 yrs old and I made $5/hr.

My favorite escape… is nature  (ocean, mountains, rivers & lakes).

Always… trust your gut.

Never… take things personal. Everyone has battles that most of us know nothing about.

Favorite Quote: “Experience is what we get, when we don’t get what we want.” Randy Pausch

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