María José Novelo & Alejandra Támez: Meet Insiders Tulum

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Visiting Tulum was never so fun and entertaining. The luxury concierge service created by María José and Alejandra has everything you need to make your experience in this fantastic destination unique and unforgettable; they themselves tell you why.

What does Tulum mean to you?

Tulum means home and the most beautiful natural paradise in the world for us; it also means the most magical place on earth, where you will experience the real materialization of your thoughts and wishes. 

How did this professional experience first got started?

As complement to the first question, we both had worked for almost 7 years as PRs of different places around Riviera Maya, helping people to make reservations and going to the most exclusive and secret spots around, but just 2 months before COVID19 started we decided to make our own company as insiders and luxury concierge service here in Tulum. We worked on it, but with quarantine we had to put a pause on it; as magic and materialization works here, people started to look for us so that we could arrange the experiences in their trips, and as a lucky strike Ale had the opportunity to meet an amazing couple and help them with their stay here. In a way, this made everything that we were working for a reality. 

Can you tell us about your luxury concierge service? 

We basically help our guests to have everything they need; from a reservation in an exclusive restaurant to an amazing natural experience in an none commercial spot. We also get the top boutiques to make private sales at their airb&b or hotel, or even manage spa sessions at home. Everything is personalized and we adjust the services to the requirements of the guests. We work with a big community that offers basically every service, from transportation, bookings, secret spots or makeup artists. 
We can also arrange tickets and reservations to last minute events, helping with organization during their stay in Tulum or getting them into private concerts and parties. 
Regularly here in Tulum the best parties, events and concerts are organized from one day to another because the artists get inspired by the place and like to give sudden performances.  

What can travelers expect from you while visiting Tulum? 

Anything they need or wish will be done so that they can only focus on the main reason why they are here: knowing the top places and having an amazing natural experience, relaxing, having a good family time or even a work trip. We will make their vacation a magical moment, always according to their needs. 

What is the thing you like the most about your work? 

We want to show people the reason why we decided to call this place home, sharing the place with our guests, the natural environment and the chic part of it, and of course, meeting amazing people from around the world and letting them live the real materialization of the things you wish for in this magic place. Some people say that Disney is where magic happens, but we are more than convinced that TULUM is the place where it happens for real. 

Which are you favorite 3 spots in Tulum? 

That is a tricky question because it depends on what experience you want to have, but WE LOVE ALL OF TULUM. If we had to choose we would say the SIAN KAN natural biosphere would be the first one, second would be CASA JAGUAR, where you can have an amazing dinner and cocktails before heading to their famous jungle party to dance to the rhythm of a great international DJ, and third would be HOLISTIKA,  in the well-known Veleta neighborhood, where a nice breakfast and walking inside their art walk between an alien spaceship and surreal architecture inside the jungle will be a fascinating adventure. 

How can people contact you? 

You can contact us via Whatsapp (+52) 98-4105-3216 (+52) 33-3148-3667 or check out our Instragram account @insiderstulum. 

Photo by @christiand.olson
Alejandra Támez & María José Novelo

Photos courtesy of Insiders Tulum.

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