Influencer: Susana Bueno

In People by Suzanne Koch

Name: Susana Bueno

Occupation: Entrepreneur, business woman, creator, real estate professional

Title: Administrator-Real Estate professional

Age: 41

Married/Single: Happily Married

City you were born in: Mexico City

City you live in: beautiful San Jose del Cabo, the town of my heart!

What brought you to Los Cabos?: my father a pioneer in tourist commerce back in 1978

Why did you choose to work/live in Los Cabos?: I had the blessing to grow up here in San Jo –as I call it-   and to enjoy the last years of the ‘’’Golden Era of The Sea of Cortes” back then our marine life was immensely abundant, I mean incredibly abundant, really.

Your favorite place to go in Los Cabos: our beaches and coral reefs

Your 3 favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Flora Farm, Sunset Da Mona Lisa and of course “’La Garita” a traditional burrito tent

What made you successful?: a long list of bills to pay! LOL! -Sorry that is the first thing that came up to my mind!-         I guess I believed with faith I could. The support of my family and friends. And MOST important a precious number of loyal clients that after many years, have now become close friends! Thank you to you all!!   Love you, Love you and super Love ya!

Your most treasured possession: My peace of mind. My family. However on the strict sense of possession …mhm my personal collection of Jewels that I have been making throughout the years and that I have been collecting for myself.

Something nobody knows about you: I am not from this world! LOL! No, I have a tattoo that you can’t notice!

Favorite hour of the day: Sunrise

Your inspiration: as a self-taught person I’m always curious and eager about learning from everyone and everything. Who knows, maybe the next think to inspire me would be you!

Last thing you bought: an old atlas book.

Last memory you made: Making a 200 pcs puzzle with my 6 year old, she was a thrill to complete!

Your worst habit: frequently eat -vitamin T as we Mexicans call it- Tacos, Tortilla, Tostadas, Tamales, Tarugos etc

Your first job: Real Estate agent

If you could change one thing about yourself, it would be: be on time! Trying hard every day!

Your future plans/next business venture: Organic farming

Your life motto: “ if you don’t ACT in life, life will ACT on you” Robin Sharma and

“This might not be the life you hoped for, but while you are here, you might as well dance”

Your vision for the future of Los Cabos: Wow! That is the toughest question! I see an unstoppable growth coming in all ways you can imaging and at any level. The challenge here is to hopefully make a CONSIOUS growth. I like to believe and hope for a multi-cultural city, that transforms into ONE STRONG community to PRESERVE the natural resources and beauty of Los Cabos. That every person that has made “mi Casa, your HOME” really acquires the sense of belonging to this magical place, that make them be a sentinel watching over to guard all of our natural wonders.

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