Welcome To My City: Puebla With Andrea Martinez

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Name: Andrea Martinez

Instagram: @andrea.martz

Title: Lifestyle Blogger

Age: 21

Married/Single: Single

Kids: No

My city: Puebla City

My favorite part about my city: The downtown, especially a neighborhood called Los Sapos.

The best time of year to visit: All year is great because the weather is always good.

My ideal weekend in town: There are a lot of things to do in Puebla city but my favorite plan always includes walking around downtown and having lunch with friends at a restaurant called La Berenjena. There are also a lot of cute coffee shops where I really enjoy an espresso or a cappuccino. 

Some attractions you can’t miss: A zoo called Africam Safari, La Estrella, Cholula and Angelopolis.

My top 2 picks for breakfast: Café y Tocino and Divina Tierra

My top 2 picks for lunch: La Casa de Frida in Cholula and Café Milagros

My top 2 picks for dinner: La Berenjena and Amorcito Corazon.

The best happy hour: There is a street called 14 Oriente in Cholula where there are a lot of nightclubs to enjoy with friends.

The best local cup of coffee: Puebla is full of cute coffee shops, but my favorites are Divina Tierra Café, Robertina & Enriqueta, Entre Puertas and Kuepa.

My go-to for the best Instagram photo op: Los Sapos neighborhood and Cholula

The best place for a great cocktail: An area called La Isla de Angelopolis has a lot of options.

When I want to shop local, I go to… Bazar de los Sapos but it’s only open on Saturdays and Sundays.

My tip for a great night out: El Barrio del Artista is unique.

I recommend staying… at Hotel Boutique Casa Reyna and Hotel Boutique Meson Sacristia. Both are very good options for nice Instagram pictures.

Something people get wrong about my city is… that it’s insecure.

Something not many people know about my city is… that it’s at just two hours from Mexico City.

My No. 1 tip for out-of-towners is… to have fun and to visit more than malls; the real magic of my city is at the historical center. 

You’ll love my city if you love… cities with a lot of history.

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