Bhanu Sky Kitchen at Kimpton Aluna Tulum: Gastronomic Exquisiteness

In Dine, Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Ali Madrazo

Located on the rooftop of the amazing Kimpton Aluna Tulum hotel, Bhanu Sky Kitchen is a fascinating signature restaurant with boho environment and an impressive open-kitchen, which seems to float in the infinite emerald jungle that surrounds. The terrace that houses the restaurant boasts a huge palapa, and the extensive bar that runs through the restaurant invites diners to enjoy an incomparable gastronomic spectacle in which Chef Alejandro Daboub and his team of expert cooks create unique dishes. 

The varied menu of Bhanu Sky Kitchen plays with all kinds of ingredients, from fish and seafood to cuts of meat with flavors that surprise for their preparation. The restaurant’s must-eat dishes are comprised of the shrimp “esquites” with kiwpie mayonnaise from its coral, the grilled lobster roll with yuzu and wipie butter, the Baalbak octopus cooked in a grilled banana leaf, the juicy steaks such as the Tomahawk and Wagyu picaña, and to delight your sweet desires, the foie and chocolate textures or the Basque burnt cheesecake are the perfect options. Their original cocktail menu is another one of its surprises; you must try the house cocktail “Bhanu” based on whiskey and Aperol, as well as an extensive variety of wines, carefully selected by expert Luis Morones, Grupo Presidente´s Wine Manager Sommelier. Any of these options can be enjoyed in the lounge bar or directly in the restaurant.

For Kimpton Hotels and Grupo Presidente the gastronomic experience of their clients plays a fundamental role, that is why Kimpton Aluna Tulum is so enthusiastic about this first-class in-house restaurant, inviting everyone to enjoy an unforgettable sensory journey.

More about Chef Alejandro Daboub

He is a graduate of Les Roches, University of Hotel Management in Marbella, Spain, where he studied Business Administration with a Master in Marketing Management. The first restaurant entirely owned by him was Dabbo in Madrid, and he later decided to move to Mexico City where he opened NoM restaurant in the heart of the Polanco neighborhood, serving as Executive Chef in both. 

Alejandro is committed to create unique and interesting fusions, always using the highest quality ingredients that, together with his talent and his great team, leads him to offer dishes of incomparable flavor and great beauty.

Chef Alejandro Daboub

Photos courtesy of Kimpton Aluna Tulum. 


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