Deelum Builders Serves Americans & International Buyers Searching for Their Dream Home in Tulum’s Jungle

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Deelum Builders is redefining luxury living in Tulum, partnering expressly with Mexico’s best builders and top architects to develop a new meaning of conscious luxury living.

Casa Cinq luxury home by Deelum Builders in Tulum, Mexico.

Deelum Builders, a leading luxury real estate developer, has emerged as the go-to source for discerning Americans and international buyers in search of their dream homes nestled in the heart of Tulum’s enchanting jungle.

Understanding the challenges that come with seeking a property abroad, Deelum Builders has established a niche to specialize in eliminating the uncertainties for clients seeking their own vibrant jungle oasis in Tulum. By delivering an unrivaled level of expertise and personalized service, Deelum Builders has become synonymous with transforming the home-buying experience into a seamless and gratifying journey.

At the helm of Deelum is visionary entrepreneur Michael Dee and his exceptional team who are renowned for their ability to create innovative companies and successful brands from scratch. Michael’s extensive experience in collaborating with top architects, builders and developers in the United States and Mexico has equipped him with a keen understanding of the industry. Dee firmly believes in giving back to the local community and has made philanthropy a guiding principle for Deelum, as embodied by the company’s motto: “The more you have, the more you should give back.”

Interior of the Casa Cinq luxury home in Tulum’s exclusive Selvazama neighborhood by Deelum Builders.

“We believe Tulum’s allure lies in its breathtaking natural beauty, captivating cultural heritage and exceptional quality of life, attracting individuals from across the globe. Among them, Americans have established a significant presence in Tulum, drawn to its irresistible charm and investing in properties,” said Dee. “While others claim to offer luxury, we know the reality from our firsthand experience as Americans living and working in Tulum, collaborating with only the finest architects, builders and developers in both the United States and Mexico. What truly sets us apart is that we are bringing true luxury to Tulum, delivering an unparalleled experience that exceeds all expectations.” 

Dee’s impressive track record includes founding highly successful media companies such as and Since its establishment in 1997, AZFoothills has grown into one of Arizona’s largest and most trusted media brands, capturing the luxury lifestyle market in the United States. Michael’s vast real estate expertise spans over 25 years, encompassing collaborations with esteemed developers, architects, real estate agents, luxury residential projects, and upscale resorts across North America.

Casa Siet luxury home in Tulum’s exclusive Selvazama neighborhood by Deelum Builders.

In 2015, Dee moved to Mexico and launched, a leading media platform showcasing Mexico’s most captivating destinations, people, and experiences. Through this venture, Michael has forged strong relationships with distinguished architects, designers, and chefs, who have now become integral members of the Deelum family. Committed to highlighting the essence of local tastemakers, Deelum seamlessly integrates real estate with the influence of these inspiring individuals. Moreover, Dee has cultivated partnerships with renowned luxury brands in Mexico, including Discovery Land Company, Four Seasons Resorts and Residences, The Ritz-Carlton, and Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, to name a few.

After extensive research and exploration throughout Mexico, Dee and his family made the momentous decision to relocate to Tulum in 2021. Embracing the opportunities and vibrant international community, Dee sold his home in the U.S. and AZFoothills media company to embrace a healthier and more tranquil lifestyle in Tulum. 

Deelum x Hudgins Design Group

To help bring projects to life, Deelum has partnered with world-renowned architect Scott Hudgins of Hudgins Design Group, which has built a reputation for creating contemporary designs that focus on each project’s unique social, cultural and physical qualities. The award-winning design firm employs sustainable practices with the goal to create timeless spaces that positively impact people’s lives and connect clients to the natural environment.

Deelum and Hudgins Design Group are currently constructing one of the most exclusive estates to hit the market in Tulum. Located in a private community, the luxury home is set on five pristine acres within the heart of the jungle. 

Deelum’s latest offerings, Casa Cinq and Casa Siet situated in Tulum’s trendy and upscale Selvazama neighborhood, are set to be unveiled to the market next month. To RSVP and enquire about these exceptional properties, visit Deelum’s website,

Luxury isn’t a price! It’s an experience.

Contact Michael Dee for the newest opportunities to hit the market by texting or calling him on WhatsApp:

USA cell 1-602-793-3002

MEX cell +52-984-177-7066

Email Michael at and follow Michael on Instagram @michaelsdee

Interior of the Casa Siet luxury home in Tulum’s exclusive Selvazama neighborhood by Deelum Builders.

About Deelum

Deelum is a distinguished luxury real estate brand founded by visionary entrepreneur Michael Dee. With a focus on privacy and opulence, Deelum offers exclusive living, working and recreational spaces in prime Tulum locations. Guided by a philosophy of always giving back to the local community, Deelum redefines luxury living in Mexico. To learn more, visit and

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