Deelum Partners With Yave to Revolutionize Mortgage Financing in Mexico

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In a significant move set to transform the mortgage landscape in Mexico, Deelum has announced a strategic partnership with Yave to offer 10 to 20 year term mortgages. This collaboration aims to bring greater accessibility and efficiency to the Mexican real estate market, traditionally dominated by cash transactions.

Deelum, a company renowned for its innovative approach to financial services, sees this partnership as a pivotal step in meeting the growing demand for long-term financing options in Mexico. “We realize that Mexico has been a cash market for many years, leading to less volatile price fluctuations compared to the US. However, there is a rising demand for term financing, and we are more than confident in partnering with Yave to address this need,” said a spokesperson from Deelum.

The partnership is grounded in the shared vision of both companies to make credit fast, efficient, and accessible to everyone. Deelum’s strategy involves leveraging alliances with industry experts and avoiding reliance on traditional financial institutions. This innovative approach aligns perfectly with Yave’s vision of improving mortgage accessibility and efficiency.

Yave has established itself as a leader in the Mexican mortgage market by focusing on innovative processes and partnerships. Their collaboration with FHipo, the largest purely mortgage vehicle on the Mexican Stock Exchange, allows them to offer highly competitive rates. This is in stark contrast to other recent market entrants who, due to insufficient capital backing, are forced to offer higher rates.

Deelum benefits significantly from this alliance, as FHipo’s extensive experience in finance and innovation, coupled with its status as a public company regulated by the CNBV, provides the robust capital support necessary to offer attractive mortgage rates. This partnership ensures that customers can obtain mortgage loans efficiently and at competitive rates, making homeownership more attainable for many Mexicans.

In keeping with their commitment to efficiency and accessibility, Deelum offers a streamlined application process that can be completed in less than five minutes, significantly simplifying the path to securing a mortgage.

With this partnership, Deelum and Yave are poised to bring a much-needed change to the Mexican mortgage market, making long-term home financing a viable option for more people. As they continue to innovate and improve their services, they remain dedicated to providing the highest quality financial solutions to their customers.

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