Josa Tulum

In Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Isabella Moreno

The style that characterizes Josa Tulum is like the tranquility of the Southeast Caribbean Sea. It is sophisticated, chic and the perfect way to enjoy your days in paradise.

Joanne Salt is a former New Yorker who now resides in this beautiful beach town of Mexico, as many foreigners who decide to abandon their busy lives for a more natural lifestyle do. Joanne Salt was a New York photographer but now owns, along with her partner Ana Cabello, this wonderful clothing brand. Together, these two great women created the magic that is worn by locals and foreigners of Tulum.

The idea is as simple as the product: transform the original kaftans into contemporary dresses with a touch of sensuality, versatile enough to go to the beach or to a glamorous dinner at one of the chic Tulum restaurants (or anywhere else!).

The first store opened its doors in Tulum in 2009 and since then, Josa has been directly linked to simplicity, natural colors and living patterns of movement, lightness and elegance, all while maintaining the highest fashion standards of New York.

The entire concept consists of several types of dresses—without wrinkles and one size only. With the perfect shape that is adaptable for any body type, comfort and sophistication is what brings magic to Josa clothing and makes it the ideal dress for any practical woman who is ready for any occasion. Not only you will find kaftans and dresses, there are also a line of accessories that consists of towels, mascadas, hats and jewelry that maintain the same theme. Josa designs and manufactures for contemporary, elegant women living between the beach and the city.



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