Meet George Ridout the founder of Story of George Studio

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George Ridout founded Story of George Studio to connect with clientes and transmit their essence through their branding and content. She has made many successful campaigns, get to know more about her creative progress in this interview.

Name: George Ridout
Facebook: George Ridout
City you live in: Tulum
Most recent city visited… New York

A typical day in my life includes… Waking up at sunrise, Coffee with homemade almond milk and a banana, running through the jungle followed by a cold shower. Meditation + journaling. Client check in time: checking in with tasks for each client + planning the writing needed for the day. Any morning meetings take place here. Midday/ lunch break is a quick scooter ride to the ocean for a jump in the water + beach walk. Afternoon is back at the house writing, editing, planning content shoots. 6pm is a walk break through the jungle or weights session at the gym unless I’m doing a sunset photoshoot. 8pm home-cooked dinner or attending events at one of my client venues. Early bed for early rise, ideally 10pm unless I have a sudden burst of creativity (happens often) in this case I stay up writing/creating until the early hours….

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… my Dad.

One thing I cannot travel without… Almond butter squeezy packs!

I’m inspired by… Virgil Abloh

I draw inspiration from… travel and my talented collective of creatives.

I separate myself and Story of George Studio from others in this field by… connecting to the people behind their companies and translating their vision into emotion-provoking content.

My greatest career achievement thus far is... creating a kick-off campaign that included a billboard series which is now seen all over Tulum and Cancun airport.

The most challenging part of branding is... Organizing the often scattered vision of the client, keeping them on track with the checklist.

The secret to creating amazing websites and cool social media content is… collaborating with the best creatives and having brain-melts on how to communicate digitally in an organic, personal way. And sometimes staying up into the early hours…

The most rewarding experience of creating Story of George Studio was… Seeing my work all over billboards in Tulum and Cancun airport.

Photographs: Courtesy of Studio of George.

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