NIDO: Lots Now Available at Ultimate Ecological Community Tulum 101

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TULUM 101 is the newest and most fabulous destination that encompasses a rich variety of meaningful experiences, touching all levels of human existence. The free-flowing masterplan that rethinks the way nature and community coexist, carefully designed to enhance, connect and enjoy life in paradise is developed by INMOBILIA, which has all the experience in presenting the most purposeful and fantastic projects in Mexico. TULUM 101 is a place of origin, where everything converges to ground itself in an unparalleled site, an integrated journey that weaves the Mayan jungle, its subterranean waterways, the ocean, and the sky above this mythical landscape.

Inside this amazing community emerges NIDO with a concept of Jungle Nesting which brings together the comfort of wide paths and open spaces with the sensibility of its environment into a comfortable, sophisticated and natural way of living: a cluster of 85 single-family plots enmeshed in the beauty of the jungle. 

With tree-lined roads and integrated park space at its core, this paradisiac heaven breathes to the elemental rhythms of the jungle, providing spaces of harmony designed to nurture unforgettable moments with the loved ones. 

At NIDO, life happens in profound connection and coexistence with nature, full of transformative experiences and surrounded with state-of-the-art design and architecture. Being part of this community is much more than owning a property, it is being congruent between ideas, actions and the space in which you live, while enjoying one of the most beautiful and unique places in the country.

Looking to invest or relocate?

Tulum has proven to be the hottest destination for traveling in the world, it has grown significantly in the recent years and offers the best luxurious hotels, restaurants, beach clubes, condos and houses.

Michael Dee our CEO has moved to Tulum and has various opportunities for investment in properties, private estates and award winning condos.

Contact him for more information:

USA cell 1-602-693-3002

MEX cell +52-984-177-7066

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