Best snorkeling beaches in the Mayan Riviera

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If you are planning to visit any coast in Mexico, we totally recommend these spots for an amazing experience snorkeling in the deep turquoise sea.

Cenote Garden of Eden

Located in the highway between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, this amazing lagoon has clear water and refreshing jungle around it. Cenote Jardín del Edén has underwater caves ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Another great thing about this cenote is that is not underground, so it’s out in the open exposed to sun and air ideal for those who don’t enjoy closed spaces.

Cenote and Lagoon Yal-kú Akumal

The amazing crystalline water located in the cenote, can make you sight a turtle and many different fish swimming next to you while snorkeling. Beautiful corals can also be viewed at the lagoon. Akumal means ‘Place of turtles’ in mayan and is located just 62 miles south of Cancún.

Isla Mujeres / Musa

Justo 22 miles from Cancún, this paradise island with white sand beaches and turquoise sea, is a great option for doing some snorkeling. The small community that forms the island offers local dishes, high end restaurant and the perfect way to spend the day, while enjoying a boat ride. One of the most amazing parts of the trip is to stop by in the middle of the road (between Cancún and Isla Mujeres), at MUSA an innovative underwater Sculpture Museum. You can enjoy this experience doing scuba diving or just by snorkeling the pieces are also visible. The sculptures evolve overtime since the flora and fauna of the start to install themselves in the art pieces.




Last but certainly not least is Tulum, this town is known for the amazing hotels and the cool vibe of a young modern beach, however the ruins and beaches for snorkeling offer an amazing opportunity to sight marine species and endless blue waters.


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