5 Places to Visit in Mexico in 2020

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by Morgan Bogs


The gorgeous beach destination is located off the Pacific Coast in the state of Guerrero. Zihuatanejo is a colorful fishing town with authenticity and lively restaurants along the cobblestone streets. The ocean is a breathtaking blue and fun beach bars are scattered along the beaches. With the handful of gorgeous beaches, like Playa La Ropa, are local and traveling surfers catching waves. This really sets the tone for its small Mexican town atmosphere. Zihuatanejo is the perfect destination for someone who wants a relaxing beach vacation.


The UNESCO recognized Oaxaca for its historic upbringing and archaeological site of Monte Albán. Along with its historical attributes, the city is full of markets, local eateries and handmade crafts. The culinary scene is a huge component of the culture here. Oaxaca embraces its distinctive dishes and the local mezcalerias host mezcal tastings. The colorful buildings fill the streets and tours of the astonishing churches are available. Just under an hour away is the beautiful Hierve el Aqua, which is a hot spring perched up on the cliffside overlooking the mountain range. If you are the adventurous type, exploring Oaxaca and its surrounding beauty will suit you well.

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Isla Mujeres

The tiny island is located off the coast of Cancun, but is just as fun as the tourist-filled destination. The crystal blue waters and sugary sand are just a few things that make this island luxurious yet simple. Isla Mujeres is home to marine life such as whale sharks and adorable turtles, and the beaches encourage tourists to chill or participate in water sports. The island has a small town vibe but is packed with plenty of activities to do.


Sayulita is a beautiful small village on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, just north of Puerto Vallarta. It is a fishing town with picturesque beaches and surfers occupying the shores. In town, there are plenty of local restaurants with classic Mexican food and adult beverages to indulge in. Local vendors are all along the streets, and the casual feel is so welcoming. Sayulita is the perfect location for an intimate vacation and is a low-key tourist spot.

Valle de Guadalupe

This wine destination is southeast of Tijuana, and is over an hour south of the border. Valle de Guadalupe is an area where wineries sprawl across the land, and luxurious resorts are planted to give visitors an experience of a lifetime. Instead of heading over to California, make your way to this up-and-coming wine region. Besides the obvious wine tastings, there are bike rentals and plenty of restaurants to occupy your time with. This is the perfect place for a group trip and for those who love wine.

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