Discover the 5 Most Amazing Waterfalls at Riviera Nayarit

In Puerto Vallarta by Ali Madrazo

Riviera Nayarit is one of the favorite beach destinations for travelers, and one of the reasons is because it shelters other types of scenarios that offer great natural spectacles, like these majestic and impressive waterfalls that evoke feelings of adventure, relaxation and tranquility among visitors. These beautiful settings provide doses of freedom, tranquility and adrenaline to the rhythm of the sound of the water and the swaying of its vegetation that enrich any visit to the destination, as well as being an attractive alternative to discover more of the beauty of the Pacific Treasure.

  1. Luna Waterfall

The Cascada de Luna ecovillage is a natural and friendly environment, located 31 miles away from the city of Tepic, Nayarit. Here, visitors can perform various activities such as hiking (accompanied by a guide), enjoying the landscapes, feeling the refreshing breeze and the tranquility of the waterfall, as well as admiring the vegetation and fauna, among others. It has sustainable lodging options where electrical energy is supplied by solar panels, which makes it perfect to enjoy the environment without distractions.

2. Cora Waterfall

The El Cora waterfall is located in the community of Tecuitata, in the municipality of San Blas. A wonderful body of water surrounded by lush vegetation, in the middle of the tropical forest, perfect for swimming, relaxing and connecting with nature; taking a walk of approximately 1.5 miles towards the waterfall offers continuous views of the mountains and exuberant vegetation, in addition to the natural concert with the singing of the birds along the trails. The more adventurous will find various activities such as cliff jumping, kayaking and rappelling.

3. Royal Waterfall of Acuitapilco

Located 20 minutes away from the Laguna de Santa María del Oro is Real de Acuitapilco, a small town whose main attraction is its nine waterfalls that have spaces for camping or renting a cabin. Visitors will be able to marvel at the waterfalls closest to the town, such as Cascada de la Silla, which measures just over 30 meters, making it the highest. To visit the remaining waterfalls, it is recommended to hire a guide service since various trails must be traveled.

4. Jump of Jumatán

The Salto de Jumatán is the highest waterfall in the state of Nayarit, with a height of 110 meters, which descends on a basalt wall. This wonder of nature is located in the town of Jumatán, very close to the city of Tepic. Its appeal lies in its impressive height, the force of the falling water and the basalt stone wall that protects it among the vegetation that, in short, allows colorful contrasts, ideal for photographers. According to the season, travelers can appreciate all its beauty from its highest point and descend a long stone staircase, which makes this experience an adventure of adrenaline and excitement.

5. The Chorrillo

More than a waterfall, El Chorrillo (also known as El Chorrito) is a natural spa located in the town of El Colomo, in Bahía de Banderas. Getting to its waterfalls involves a physical effort that is worth it. The tour allows you to live a unique experience where the senses are put on alert to discover the crystal-clear waterfall among the vegetation, listen to how it collides with the rocks and feel all over the skin how refreshing its waters are when submerging in one of the pools or in the small waterfalls that give the place its name.

Photos courtesy of Riviera Nayarit. 

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