Explore the Reefs With Punta Mita Expeditions Hookah Diving

In Play, Puerto Vallarta by Suzanne Koch

If you’ve always wanted to explore a little deeper than snorkeling offers but hesitant about scuba diving, Punta Mita Expeditions’s newest offering will meet you in the middle.

Dubbed hookah diving, the new experience is a hybrid of snorkeling and scuba diving, sans a scuba certification. With the aid of a floating tank at the water’s surface, hookah diving allows you to dive deep while still being able to breathe. Divers are attached to a 15-foot hose with a weight belt anchoring them, allowing divers to explore like a true scuba diver without the hassle of returning to the surface for air.

Experience hookah diving with Punta Mita Expeditions who offers power boats or luxurious catamarans where you can snack on fresh ceviche and sip on tasty cocktails. For the ultimate way to spend the day on the water, opt for the 82-foot Neptuno yacht which includes an onboard chef to whip up meals. Dive masters will guide participants through the underwater experience that takes divers through the reefs of Punta Mita where more than 100 species of fish call home. The experience also includes GoPro photos for you to take home with you.

The experience is only offered in the bay by Punta Mita Expeditions.

For more, contact your Punta Mita Concierge at concierge@puntamita.com or visit: puntamitaexpeditions.com

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