How to Create a Healthy Living Space at Home

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Nowadays, health and wellness is top of mind. And with many of us spending nearly all day, everyday in our homes, it’s more important than ever to make sure our living environments are optimal for a healthy lifestyle.

In the Riviera Nayarit, the new One&Only Mandarina Private Homes are setting an example for a healthy home by partnering with Delos, world leaders in wellness real estate and technology. The homes will integrate innovative wellness systems and Delos’ latest technology Darwin that regulates air, water and lighting quality.

We spoke with Ricardo Santa Cruz, RLH Properties’ Chief of Business Development at Mandarina, about different ways to make your home the absolute healthiest it can be.

One&Only Residences (Credit: Mandarina)

Are there any important areas of the home that are often overlooked when it comes to maintaining a healthy environment? Are there any easy steps to take to create an overall less stressful environment?

Given the amount of time we spend in our homes, our home environments can have a profound impact on our health and well-being, particularly through air quality, water quality and lighting.

Regarding air quality, indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air quality. Additionally, pollens and other allergens infiltrate the home environment, as well as toxins and pathogens emitted from building materials. Using an air purification system can help improve air quality by removing allergens, pathogens, pollen and other pollutants from the air using HEPA-grade, low-maintenance technology and filtration. 

Regarding water quality, microscopic contaminants, such as lead and chlorine, can be present in water and pipes no matter where you live in the world. You can use a customized water purification system that reduces harmful waterborne contaminants and improves water quality by thoroughly filtering and treating drinking water.

One&Only Residences (Credit: Mandarina)

Light in the home also has a significant impact on human health. Limited access to natural light and the presence of bright screens can disrupt our circadian rhythm and our internal clocks which depend on natural light for an effective sleep-wake cycle. Today, advanced lighting systems can mimic natural light, synchronizing the body’s circadian rhythms to the 24-hour day to help regulate hormonal balance, appetite, sleep, productivity, and energy levels. Improving light quality in the home creates a more natural environment.

At One&Only Mandarina, in the morning and through the daytime, the Delos Circadian Lighting system produces a bright, white light with a strong blue component designed to have an energizing effect. The system is also designed to produce a soft, amber light in the evening for minimal suppression of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, creating a warm, welcoming environment for times of relaxation.

One&Only Residences (Credit: Mandarina)

The DARWIN™ Home Wellness Intelligence network as seen in One&Only Mandarina Private Homes seems like a great choice for creating a healthy home. Do you have any other favorite products that promote the health of the home?

Innovative design, incorporating green building materials and cutting-edge technology all aid in ensuring your home is a healthy environment in which to live. Wellness is the future of the “smart” home and has evolved to now include elements that focus and enhance both mental and physical health. Today’s technology has allowed us to create a healthy ecosystem at home to feature air purification, circadian lighting and other health-focused tools throughout each room. 

One&Only Mandarina Private Homes has engaged Delos, a leading global wellness real estate and technology company, to incorporate wellness solutions designed to help improve the experience at home. Villas will feature Delos’ DARWIN network, consisting of air purification systems, water purification systems, and circadian lighting systems, and will also feature dehumidification systems. Through DARWIN, each home is designed to help enhance energy, sleep and overall well-being, and reduce indoor contaminants that negatively affect respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and cognitive health. One&Only Mandarina is the first development in Mexico to partner with Delos and incorporate the DARWIN system in each of the private homes.

Advanced systems like the DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence network provide a holistic and customized approach to a healthy home making it worth the investment for the long term, especially for newly built homes such as One&Only Mandarina’s Private Homes. While the Delos system we’re implementing at Mandarina is top-of-the-line, there are some more everyday solutions that can also improve and maintain a healthy home I’ve outlined for the next question.

One&Only Residences (Credit: Mandarina)

What are some quick and easy ways to improve the health of our home today?

For light in the home, sometimes a room can be too bright, even hot and glaring. To mitigate the heat and glare, something as simple as your shades can make a big difference. Try installing translucent shades instead of opaque curtains. Shades help reduce the intensity of the sun while still allowing the human body to soak in the midday rays. Curtains can make a room extremely dark and results in a lost connection to daylight and nature. Another way that you can improve light in the home is by installing circadian color switch bulbs for each room. The soft, warm light will trigger melatonin production and get you ready for restful sleep.

With regards to water, no filter will remove all contaminants, but some are better than others and it’s important to select the right type for your water source and home’s location. Filters range from under-sink and countertop systems to faucet attachments, pitchers, and dispensers. In addition to your water source and budget, you should consider the speed of the filter and your household size as well as how easy it is to install and maintain. 

Finally, my recommendations for healthier air quality is to check your filters. If you have an existing air-heating system, be sure to change filters and clean ducts regularly to ensure dust and other airborne irritants get trapped instead of being recirculated throughout your home. I also recommend you invest in an air purifier and place the system in the most commonly used areas of the house. Also, consider a dehumidifier in damp areas, such as a basement, to help prevent the growth of mold. Ensure that bathrooms, another potential source of mold, are well ventilated. Lastly, let the fresh air in throughout the day to allow fresh air to circulate through the house.

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