Puerto Vallarta Announces Ceviche Day

In Dine, Puerto Vallarta by Suzanne Koch

Ceviche lovers, pick up your chips and tostadas and get ready to load up on the fresh, citrusy and flavorful Mexican treat. Puerto Vallarta has recently announced that Ceviche Day will take place every Tuesday from now through tourism season on Francisca Rodriguez in the Romantic Zone. The ‘day’ will take place from 12-4 p.m. and will give foodies the chance to learn about the history of ceviche and the many different ways it can be prepared, not to mention tasting a variety of ceviches. The event currently has eight local restaurants attending, but with increased interest in the tasty event, more are expected to join. Come hungry and prepare to savor sweet and spicy creations, and if you’ve never had ceviche then this is a definite must.

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