The Versatility of Wood

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Atelier Central is a Mexican brand created by Sofia Casares, a 31 years old designer with a great compromise with her country. She already has two stores, one in Polanco and one in Colonia Roma. The main part of her products are designed and fabricated by her and her team of workers who share this passion for creativity. Atelier Central is an example of the quality products made in Mexico. One of Sofia´s favorite material is wood; we share with you 4 tips that will show you how to use it in different ways.

1. The combination of wood styles and colors will create a cozy atmosphere. Try to add colorful textiles in cushions, rugs and quilts to achieve a balance.



2. Wooden tables will never be out of style. A group of three of them in different sizes can be a special detail for decoration or even help your guests with their drinks.



3. Wooden mirrors in all kinds of shapes, colors, sizes and styles. You can put one of them up separately or put them on a wall as a group.



4. Carved wood is one of the most beautiful finishes ever made. The application of it will transform your furniture into unique pieces.


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