Your Next Cabo Companion: G-RO

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

Say hello to your new travel buddy. The latest luggage to hit the traveling scene is the smart and innovative G-RO from Travel Light. The unique piece of luggage is Travel Light’s first product and offers buyers some useful features. The 7.9 pound rolling bag’s center of gravity is brought closer to the ground thanks to a pair of larger than average wheels, which make dragging the bag up and down subway stairs, airport parking lots and uneven city streets a complete breeze. The handle also aids in maneuverability as it is six inches longer than the average and adjusts for those of different heights.


The inside of the sloped shaped bag is typical, with a large open area for clothes and a side zippered pocket. The top and the outside of the suitcase, however, contains the fun. Zippered compartments on two sides are perfect for holding button-down type shirts or garment bags and the outside compartments are made for the many items you need while traveling. There is an outside pocket for 15-inch laptops and tablets, another that fits items like headphones and umbrellas and a few more that are intended for your travel-sized, liquid-stuffed Ziploc bags and for your passport, a crucial traveling item made easily accesible. The real selling point though is the “optional electronic module” that fits into a pocket and includes two USB ports and an outlet and is able to simultaneously charge a laptop, tablet and phone, so you don’t have to huddle up in corners on airport floors next to plugged-in strangers. While the big is intended for carry-on and fits in standard overhead compartments, there is also a built-in proximity detector and location tracker so if you do decide to check it, you can keep tabs on your treasured items.


The bag is not readily available to buy yet as a Kickstarter just launched aiming to raise manufacturing costs. When it does become ready for purchase, the bags will cost $500 and will come in either a black and silver model or red and blue.


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